Gay & Lesbian Counseling
This is a time of great challenge and great opportunity for gays and lesbians.  It's time to be a healthy, strong individual and a healthy, strong couple.

Are you gay, lesbian, bisexual, or questioning?  I provide counseling and psychotherapy for the issues that are specific to the gay and lesbian community.  I have over 12 years of experience working closely with gay and lesbian clients and couples in the Long Beach and Orange County areas.  Gay and lesbian issues are an area of therapy where finding a therapist you relate to,"click" with, and trust is an even more important and fundamental part of therapy, since it is the foundation for all the work and growth that follows.  Lesbian and gay clients can rest assured that they have found a safe, supportive, affirming therapist with me.

For more information on my work with gay and lesbian counseling issues, please visit my second website,

Are you dealing with any of these issues?  I would be happy to help.

  • Coming to terms with your sexuality
  • Coming out:  how, when, and to whom
  • Finding a good relationship
  • Working through relationship conflicts & difficulties
  • Setting the "rules" and dealing with cheating
  • Coming out later in life, possibly already married to an opposite-sex spouse & possibly with kids
  • Whether or not you should get married to a same-sex partner
  • Are you really right for each other?  Should you get legally married?
  • Depression and anxiety issues
  • Self-acceptance and self-confidence
  • Feelings of shame, guilt, or low self-esteem
  • Feelings of rejection or isolation
  • Drugs, alcohol, and codependency
  • Finding a partner who wants a long-term relationship
  • Mending broken hearts and learning to trust again
  • Anger and arguments
  • Gay parenting challenges
  • Having a healthy, mature, balanced sexuality & sexual expression
  • Sorting out issues of faith and spirituality
  • Rejection by your church
  • Managing difficult relationships with extended family

John McNeill, author:  "Since many lesbians and gay men do not have children of their own, they tend to redirect a vast reservoir of unselfish love into the human community. So great is the reservoir that the world could not bear its loss.

Despite their personal suffering, the loving presence of lesbian women and gay men is the oil that keeps the whole human machine running. If, somehow, gay people were to disappear from the scene, the whole human community would be in danger of being seriously dehumanized."


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