Depression Counseling

One of the most common problems people have today is some form of depression. 

It isn't always severe and obvious; sometimes it's mild or moderate; but it's still like trying to swim with an anchor tied around your leg, always pulling you down and holding you back.  Sometimes, people don't even recognize that they are depressed.  They may feel chronically frustrated, or they may just feel dead inside, or they may no longer enjoy the things they used to enjoy. 
There are times when life feels like it's just too much work.  Today's world is complex, fast-paced, competitive, full of daunting challenges, and even frigtening possibilities.  Listening to the news doesn't help!  Sometimes it gets overwhelming, and you can feel the light going out of your eyes, the joy going out of your spirit, and your will to go on at an all-time low . . . There's no energy to do even the things you want to do.  Maybe there's an obstacle in your life that just won't budge . . . or maybe you've felt this way for as long as you can remember.

Depression is different from sadness or grief, though those feelings may be a part of what you're going through.  Sometimes it's hard to explain to people what depression really feels like, what you're really going through.  Depression isn't just another emotion; it's a syndrome of dysfunctional emotion; a kind of emotional blockage.  If you are depressed, this is a very important concept to know.  Therapy for depression is the treatment that's needed, in order to feel your energy come back to you, so that you can live your life fully.

Let's spend some time together and talk it through.  Located in Seal Beach, I provide therapy for depression for the communities of Long Beach and Orange County.  Together, we can get to the bottom of things, and find a path out of the dark woods.  You can have hope, and know what it means to have your energy back, ready to enjoy all the good things that life has to offer.  Please don't put it off any longer; start the healing process here and now.

Counseling for depression can bring back your energy and peace of mind.


Trauma as a Seed of Depression

"In my practice, people trace depression back to trauma most of the time. Emotional trauma is an overwhelming shock to a person’s equilibrium."

Check out this great and very valuable aritlce.  A lot of clients believe they can deal with their depression simply by doing health-based and behavioral interventions, and there is a wide array of therapists who take this one-dimensional approach.  It may have some value, but it always leaves the client in a perpetual state of simply "managing" their depression, and giving up hope of every being free of it.  The thing about depression is that at it's core, it means that you are using all your mental/emotional energy to keep sometihng down.  It might be a feeling, a memory, or some important truth.  When you can get to the core of the issue, you can actually be *free* of depression, and not just hope to "manage" it for the rest of you life, with medications, and taking walks, and trying to meditate.  I think it's so important for clients to be able to get to the root of their depression and finally deal with *that,* and then become free.  I am a therapist who addresses causes and not just symptoms.  Treat the fire, not just the smoke!  Please contact me; I would be hapy to help.  Erik E.