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The waves go in and out, crash, and remain still.  This is the ebb and flow of life.  Everything is constatly changing: Excitment is followed by quiet, which is followed by upheaval, which is followed by peace.  Become whatever's happening, always content to be with what is.  Daniel Leven

Anxiety & Stress Counseling

Please follow these links to read more specifically about the various kinds of anxiety I work with:
    • Generalized anxiety
    • Trauma (both childhood trauma & adult trauma)
    • Chronic hyper-arousal of the nervous system
    • PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)
    • OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive disorder)
    • Chronic, low-grade stress/anxiety
    • Phobias & fears
Anxiety and stress might seem like common problems for almost everyone nowadays.  But chronic, low-grade anxiety can actually have a negative effect on your physical health, and high-level anxiety may be the worst kind of psychological suffering one can experience.  High-level anxiety makes you feel like you're living in a slow-motion plane crash all the time.  The adreneline and stress hormones that are released into your blood stream, if experienced chronically, can actually start to eat away at your blood vessels and wear down your muscles and internal organs.  Constant muscle tension and "bracing" yourself pinches off blood flow to your muscles and can create painful conditions throughout your body.  Much scientific study has been done on anxiety and stress, and it can really be the worst thing for you in a variety of ways.

I specialize in treating anxiety and stress, and can help with whatever level or kind of anxiety you are experiencing.  Anxiety comes in a variety of forms -- sudden and intense anxiety over a specific situation; chronic, low-level anxiety over just about everything; social anxiety, health anxiety, and even OCD (obsessive-compuslive disorder)  all fall under the general category.  They have various origins and a vareity of treatments, but they all are the result of our 'danger radar' becoming over active and stuck in the 'on' position.  People who are brought up by critical, capricious, and/or unpredictable parents might even develop a strain of anxiety that becomes 'marbled' into their personality, making them feel anxiously controlling about almost everything, big or little. 

Sometimes people will experience so much stress, low-grade and high-grade, for so long, they can place their bodies in what is called a state of 'chronic hyper-arousal.'  This means that even when you finally get a chance to slow down and relax, you can't.  After a busy, stressful week, you might be looking forward to just relaxing on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, but instead find yourself pulling all the furniture onto the back patio, because you've suddenly decided that everything should be painted.  It may feel like you are being continually productive, but really you are being driven by unrelenting anxiety.  Other symptoms that people have reported to me include unconsciously holding their breath until they suddenly realize they are turning purple and feeling faint.  Chronic, low-grade stress actually causes the breathing to become more shallow, and it might happen in a way that you don't notice, over a span of time.  Suddenly your body experiences the sense of running low on oxygen, and you find yourself gasping or sighing; these are signs that your breathing is shallow and you're not getting enough oxygen into the system.

All forms of anxiety impair your optimal life functioning and can take a heavy toll on your relationship, your friendships, and your work life.  Whatever form it may be taking in your life now, it's a good idea to talk with a professional about what you can do to feel relaxed and happy again.  Please feel free to call or contact me with any questions you might have.

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